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Jargon Buster - Online Course

Gigabtye, App, Wifi, Cache, CPU, Do you know what any of these mean? Do these words scare you?

Have you heard these terms and unsure what they mean?

If you've answered YES to any of the above questions then i have an excellent opportunity for you.

With IT being the thing i love and trained in, i want to help spread my knowledge to enable other people to also "feel more confident one course at a time".

With the world becoming more and more tech related, most jobs now include some sort of IT whether its working on a computer, working on systems, creating spreadsheets, etc most jobs now will include some sort of tech. Even to ordering parts can include researching and ordering online to find the best deal.

I successfully managed to train my mum a few years ago and she was one of these people who thought a mouse was a four legged animal, which of course it is but in computer terms its something completely different. Once i spent time with her and training her she was able to search the internet, use office, order online and reply to emails which in turn gave her a different job opportunity where she was working as she was able to fulfill all the duties required.

So my aim is to help enable more people to also switch jobs, be able to support their children with homework etc plus much more.

I am creating several courses all to allow this to happen, eventually these courses will be turned into books as well so you can have physical copies of these course so you don't have to do them online directly.

But if you are wanting to complete them online then please do check out my courses available with more being added as well.

Available on the website now is my first IT Course "Jargon Buster" this course is available to join now for only £20.

The course will guide you through some of the most common IT Jargon Terms, with quizes and visuals included in there as well.

You will have lifetime access, a workbook to download for reference and also you can complete the course in your own time.

Why not head on over to my website today and get this amazing course!!! click on the Join button to join the course today.

Let's get you "Feeling more confident one course at a time"

Always remember you're stronger than you believe Maria xxx


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