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About MHBiz

MHBiz is a small business run by Maria. I strive to offer lots of knowledgeable information with anything "techy", by providing services that are for a range of different experiences and ages. 

With technology moving forward at such an alarming rate and most jobs now expecting some sort of technical knowledge, it can potentially hold people in a job they are not happy with and making them feel trapped. 

So my aim to provide people with this knowledge and confidence to move forward into new worlds and give them better choices and options in their life.

With everything i aim to do within this business i want to make sure peoples lives are easier and help them to get out their more to improve their businesses and marketing. 

MHBiz is a small independent business offering:


IT Services - Website Builds, Logo's, Coaching, Workshops and courses

PA - Personal Assistant packages to bring me in to help you run your business.

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Maria is a single mum to her beautiful daughter Ruby-Leigh. We live in Swansea, South West Wales in the United Kingdom. 

Maria is a positive person who always sees a way around a hurdle and continues to find ways to improve her life and her Health.

After many years of researching  different options on how to work from home to enable her to work her own hours as well as support her daughter she decided now was the right time to bring in all her knowledge and training and created MHBiz. 


Maria has a mantra that she sticks by and this is how she continues to run her life:


"Always remember you're stronger


You have overcome every hurdle




CEO of MHBiz


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