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When you think of collaborations what instantly pops into your head? Have a sit and a think about that question for a minute.

When i was setting up the business and looking into gaps in the market, there isn't many items out there where people can collaborate together on a subject your passionate about.

I spoke to a friend of mine that i have known for a good 12 years, who is a Drag Queen up in Norwich, i approached him to ask for ideas on how to do a LGBTQ range without upsetting anyone in the community,

Here starts the amazing collaboration range with the incredible MSK aka Kenny Moore.

Myself and Kenny have been working together creating these amazing ranges for the last few months and the first 4 ranges are already on the website with a 5th range coming out tomorrow 1st June 2023 which is the lush #DragUnite Range.

The Rainbow Range was the first initial range we put together and gave it a trial run with Kenny's audience and they loved the collaboration together so we came together and created The Blonde Ambition - Female Icons, Legends - Male Icons and 2 sets of pride ranges, the 2nd part being the amazing #DragUnite Range. We have already got plans for some ranges to come out as well including our Christmas Range.

The amazing thing with this #DragUnite Range is that £1 from every sale within this range will be going to Norwich Pride Fundraising, You can also donate to them directly if you wish, to find out more information on them please check out this link:

This range is amazing as it's helping to spread the word around the Drag Queen scene with a modern take on the designs.

All of our ranges can be found on the website itself:

So if your running a business and someone approaches you to join in a collaboration give it some serious thought as it can not only help you touch base with an entirely new audience but also help the collaborator out as well to get their vision or dreams out there with your help. Make sure you have a clear layout on what you are doing together and what payments will be made if any to each party etc.

Collaborations can help you get out there more, so why not connect with friends, family, customers and clients to see if you too can get some collaborations within your business.

I also have a few more collaborations coming up as well with another 2 clients of mine. Keep your eyes peeled for these new collaborations on the website as well.

I really hope this helps anyone who might be sat on the fence regarding collaborations to give it a try and who knows how far that one decision can help you grow and expand.

Always remember you're stronger than you believe



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