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Halloween Collection

Good morning everyone and welcome to this weeks Midweek Wednesday blog. I really hope you've all been having a good week.

With the spooky season coming up and the kids will soon be getting excited for the Halloween Season, with spooky clothing, dress up time, decorating the house or for those Halloween parties. What ever you are up to this spooky season rest assured i have some things to help you make this year just as fun and exciting.

I have created some amazing items for T-shirts, Hoodies, Paper Chains and also some Trick or Treat Tote Bags as well.

Below I'm going to share with you some of the designs i have created including the Trick or Treat bags as well.

T-shirt/Hoodie Collection:

Prices start from £9.99 for children's T-shirts and go up to £24.99 for Adult Hoodies.

Trick or Treat Bags:

Priced at £5 per Bag

Paper Chains:

Priced at £1 for the whole set

Why not get your creative flow going this spooky season and enjoy some time with the kids, cutting out and sticking together these amazing paper chains.

Whatever you're doing this spooky season make sure your prepared and planned to include all the family.

All items are available on the website to purchase, to purchase head on over to the Halloween page in occasions.

Make sure you enjoy the spooky season and make memories with your friends and family. Take pictures and enjoy every moment.

Have an amazing week and I'll be back next week with my next installment of my Midweek Wednesday blog.

Always remember you're stronger than you believe!


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