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Within this document there are 4 different types of set ups that you can use to help you build your own amazing office space at home. 


There are 2 set ups with include everything from desks and chairs with a set up of one laptop or one desk top computer depending on your needs.


There is also 2 set ups with no desk or chair for those of you who already have this at home available to use already. Again one set up with a laptop and one set up with a desktop computer. 


Please note the prices of items may change so might be slightly over the £1000 budget if the prices have changed. But all 4 set ups are under the £1000 budget at point of creating the document for you.


In the document it gives you direct links to each product as well so all you need to do is copy and paste the link into your browser and off you go. 


If once you have purchased this document you need any further help or advice please do connect with me directly and i'll be happy to help and advise you further. 


I really hope this document helps you to find a nice home office space to suit your Home working needs. There are other set ups available as well including Gaming set ups and other items as well. 

Home Set Up £500 to £1000

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