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Coffee Range

Hey everyone and welcome to this weeks Printing blog. This blog is to share with you all about a specific range within my Printing Services that i offer.

This week we're talking about the amazing Coffee Range, as range full of different sayings for all the coffee lovers out there. I know i for one is definitely a coffee lover, i can't leave the house in the mornings without some coffee i me to enable me to wake up fully and be ready for the day ahead.

All the items available for this collection are on the website with a few in the back up reserve so like with any ranges on the website if you don't see anything you like or need wording changed you can message me directly and i can get this sorted for you, i always work along side you to ensure that you are fully happy with the design before i print the item for you.

The Coffee Range is available in adults sizes only on the website but again if you need child size this can be done as well.

The range comes in a choice of T-Shirts priced at £11.99 plus p&p, or Hoodies £24.99 plus p&p. They come in a choice of different colours, but again if you don't see the colour you want please message me directly and i can see if i can source in the colour you'd like.

Now let's show you just some of the designs available on the website.

So if there is something from this blog that you like the look of and would like to order please do go onto the occasions page and click Hot Drinks to select and choose your top.

I hope you enjoy this range and keep checking the Facebook page for latest updates on new ranges coming.

Always remember you're stronger than you believe


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