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How I became a Radio Presenter although i was shy!

In this blog post, I will share (with you) how I manifested my role as a radio presenter, even though I was painfully shy.

I have always been a fan of the radio. I listened to it during tedious homework assignments, especially after a day of double maths.

I was not the most popular girl in school. I was painfully shy and only had a small selection of friends. I was socially awkward and found it stressful to be around large groups of people.

I would spend my spare time listening to the radio, writing poems and short stories. These activities destressed and energised me.

Shake, rattle and beam me up, Scotty!

Let me take you back to when I had to get on stage and speak to my house group at school. I had stayed up the night before, reading over my notes, preparing for the event.

On the day of the talk, I was a bit nervous but felt as prepared I was ever going to be. As each housemate took to the stage and shared their topic, I began to feel more and more nervous. Fear radiated throughout my whole body.

It was my turn to take to the stage, that much I could do. But when it came to sharing my topic, I could not get the words out. My hands were shaking so much I could not read the page. I was so mortified. I felt like I was in that dream where you find yourself standing naked in front of a crowd.

In my mind, I screamed 'beam me up Scottie' (a line taken from Star Trek), one of my favourite cult science fiction shows at the time. I just wanted to disappear. That day I decided that I would never speak publicly again and that public speaking was not for me.

Mind Movie Vision Board

I am sure you have heard all about the Law of Attraction made famous by the movie 'The Secret.' You may have also heard of vision boarding, also mentioned in The Secret. It is a tool that allows you to add images and your favourite affirmations all in one place to help you visualise your most desired goals.

I had used vision boards for a while and found them very powerful in helping me to achieve my goals. I had also been a personal development enthusiast for many years. I had even walked on fire at a Tony Robbins event.

Some years back, a new software tool called Mind Movie was developed. I was excited because it took vision boarding to a whole new level. It allowed you to create 3D animated images of your dreams, goals and desires.

In addition, the founders of the software advised that you should add your favourite uptempo music to the finished video. They explained that adding the emotion of music together with visuals would create a rapid outcome and dynamic experience for the user.

I put all my images, affirmations and music together, and some of the photos were of home music studios. I intended to manifest a home studio to do voiceovers of my poems and short stories.

I watched my little video daily as instructed, and initially, nothing happened. I had stopped watching the video as I got busy with life. But one day, day out of the blue, something unexpected happened.

Carl said Yes, You Can! So I did!

A radio owner called Monty had wanted my brother Carl to be a presenter on his brand new radio station. Monty was looking for presenters who were well versed in personal development and law of attraction topics. Carl had written a book about these subjects, and Monty was excited to have him on board.

However, Carl was unable to take Monty up on his offer due to family commitments and several speaking engagements connected to the success of his book.

Unbeknown to me, Carl told Monty about me and my interest in personal growth and how I might be interested in the opportunity.

When Carl approached me, I made excuses about why I couldn't do it; but Carl refused to listen. I kept saying, 'no, I can't'. He kept saying, 'yes, you can!' I lost the argument, and Carl won.

I met Minty at the radio station. It all seemed daunting, the mixers, mic control, using the computer and playing the music. It felt like learning to drive so many components to use all at once. Monty reassured me that I would be fine and offered me a show.

That was nearly nine years ago. Since that time, I have worked at several radio stations in Manchester, London and the USA.

Working From Home as a Virtual DJ/Presenter

I left London and started at Radio Diamond in Manchester. I had been with them for several years and got on well with the owner, DJs, and presenters. People were helpful and made me feel welcome. However, I struggled with the two-hour journey there and back and constantly being stuck in traffic.

I wondered whether there were any other options available to me. I did not want to give up doing radio shows, but neither could I continue travelling up and down the motorway.

Around the same time, a radio owner called Mr Frazier contacted me to find out if I was still interested in being a presenter on his London radio station. (I was introduced to him when I lived in London). I explained that I had relocated to Manchester and travelling back and forth to London was out of the question.

Mr Frazier explained that I could broadcast my radio show as a virtual DJ straight from my home to his London Studio. Armed with this information, I knew I had found the missing piece to finally have my home studio. I would still be able to connect with people worldwide but from the comfort of my home.

Mr Frazier advised me of all the DJ equipment and software I would need. He got his sound engineer to set me up virtually, and my home studio was born.

Today my show broadcasts from home to 'Concious' Radio's London platform. All I have to do is log on to their system via my computer, and I'm on the air!

Radio Rocks!

Radio has introduced me to thousands of brilliant people worldwide, who I might never have connected with. (Remember me: I was that shy introvert who had a horrible experience all

those years ago at school, struggling to get my message out to my peers).

These days, to overcome my fear of public speaking, I have learned that the fear leaves when I focus on my guest - their story, their journey, and keep the focus away from myself.

Many of my guests and listeners have become good friends, and many opportunities have developed from these friendships.

I have come full circle from listening to the radio to presenting radio shows. It continues to be a fulfilling experience.




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