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My Year Of Growth

As I write this we are heading towards the last 3 months of the year. Where has that time gone? I can honestly say at the beginning of 2021 I was plodding. I had a dream of selling British grown cut flowers but no oomph to pursue it. Self sabotage kicked In. No one would want my product when there are supermarkets selling what I wanted to sell, I don't have the time, the energy, the space blah blah blah.

All those self doubts just dragged me down. I've always enjoyed reading and listening to personal development and learning about how to improve mindset, and started following an amazing mentor. I invested in myself by joining the mentors membership academy, which covers life and business, and suddenly everything began falling into place. My mindset changed and the self sabotage and self doubt was less frequent. I realised that I can do what ever I want to do!!

Now 8 months on I can proudly say I AM a flower farmer! People do want my product! And why wouldn't they? They are unique, fragrant, British grown blooms NOT what you get in a supermarket, and with my florist skills and knowledge, I can make them look beautiful!

So with my new found confidence and strong mindset that I am able to grow and sell my flowers.

I began saying a big fat YES to everything!

"Louise would you like to write a chapter for a book?" YES!

 "Louise would you like to be part of an interview series?" OF COURSE!

"Louise would you like to do a guest blog?"....ermmmm WHY NOT?

Stepping out of my COMFORT ZONE will see these last few months of 2021 turn into an amazing time for me.

Flower farming is quite seasonal In this country, as you can probably imagine. I chose the worst summer to start farming, with late frosts and a wet may. But now everything is bursting with colour. But as a little branch of the cut flower business, I'll be launching a new business in October. I'm incredibly excited about it, and working hard behind the scenes to get it just right.

I love inspiring people to brighten up their home and their lives with my flowers, bringing joy and happiness everyday.

Thanks for reading and remember Joy Blooms In The Garden.


To connect with Louise see her links below:

Louise's Bio:

Louise is 42, married and mum to 2 amazing boys. The youngest has Autism, ADHD and Anxiety. Working for herself is very important because of this, so she can be around for her son. She has a Network Marketing business, which she works with her husband of nearly 20 years. Louise is a qualified Florist and has a love of gardening. She is passionate about British Grown flowers, and grows her own cut flowers. Louise decided to turn this into a business in 2021 called Grown & Gathered, combining her floristry skills and fresh cut flowers from her garden to create beautiful simple bunches. Her ethos is freshly picked, simply wrapped, beautiful flowers. Louise enjoys cooking and spending time with her family. Together they love visiting castles and stately homes. Cornwall is their favourite place to holiday.


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