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Passwords - Incorrect and Strong Ones!

Good morning you lovely people and welcome to my midweek Wednesday Blog.

Today we're talking about when you get told "you're password is incorrect"

Whenever you sign into everything it always wants something different for a password. Some want Capital Letters, Numbers, Special Character, Not in sequence, 8 to 20 characters and it gets so confusing.

We're always told never write your passwords down due to safety and security of your account and don't have passwords the same. With all of this it is not surprising that every know and again we forget our passwords.

I want to cover about how to keep these passwords safe and how to remember them easily.

Option 1:

I was once given a piece of advice to think of my favourite phrase or saying from a film, tv series or book and take the first letters of the sentence to create my password.

So for example...:

Creativity is contagious pass it on - Albert Einstein

Would become: Cicpioae but if it had to include a number Cicpioa3 and and special character Cicpioa3!

If you can dream it, you can do it - Walt Disney

Would become: Iycdiycdi with a number Iycdiucd1 and with a special character Iycdiycd1!

This way you don't need to write it down as much as you should remember a phrase that you relate to. Which is a great piece of information I've always remembered.

Option 2:

The other way of remembering your password without writing your password down directly would be to write it down in code. So you take your password and turn it into a rememberable phrase or saying that only you can relate to.

So for example:

Email Address and Fanta45!

This could be turned into email and fav drink, house number n symbol

Staryeyes15 and Candle1108

This could be turned it into SE and smelly anniversary

It's whatever you can associate with the username and password you have selected for certain sites and apps. We all no everyone has different ways of associating words together, in some case partners, friends and family may all take the same word and have completely different words to associate the same thing differently.

Both these options above are safer than just writing down your password and username in a notepad, scrap bit of paper or whatever.

But if you do need to write them down, make sure you lock it away in a safe or filing cabinet where ever you feel they are safe too.

What about when it tells you incorrect password?

Know when you know you've got your password right and it's still saying "Wrong Password" you feel like throwing your Computer, Laptop or MacBook.

Here's a couple of tips to check before you do launch your device through the window or whatever:

  1. Have you double checked the password is correct?

  2. Have you missed a special character?

  3. Have you missed a Capital Letter or a Number

  4. Is the Cap's Lock on?

  5. Is Num Lock on?

If you've checked all of these and it still not working, you may need to reset your password. Now sometimes this may not be your fault it could be a security breach with the website or app your using so as a precaution they have asked all customers to reset their passwords.

So don't get yourself in a worry or panic there's always a way to reset the password, as long as you have access to your emails.

Resetting your password:

If you do need to reset your password for whatever reason, then follow these simple instructions.

  1. Click on forgotten password

  2. Follow the instructions on the Screen

  3. Go to your emails and click the link to reset your password

  4. Input a new password and then the same password again

  5. Click ok or continue

  6. Your password should be reset

  7. Go back to the log in page and use your username and the new password

  8. Write down your new password in whatever format your using.

Then you can carry on to do what your were going on to do.

Thank you for reading my new blog and hope this has been helpful to you.

Please check back next week for my next blog, leave a comment and have a great week.

Always remember you're stronger than you believe



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