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Hen Parties and Stag Do's

Hey everyone and welcome to this weeks blog, where i will be talking about the Hen and Stag do's t-shirt collection that is available to buy on the website.

We all know when you get married that generally people will have a Hen Party or Stag Do depending on how they feel. Years ago it was common to just out to the local bar or club for their evening out. Know a days people do all kinds of things from going away, spa days, go karting days etc.

The one thing that hasn't changed is that when you go out there's generally a theme of at least matching tops for the party team. So with this in mind i created a range for both Hen Parties and Stag Do's.

Hen Parties:

Stag Do's:

But do not think that these are just the only thing i offer, if your having it around a specific theme or colour etc then please do connect with me directly and together we can create the best tops for your particular party event.

If your also looking for some personalised glasses or anything that can have a sticker attached to it, again i can help if i can not source the item directly then you can always source the items and i can just print the stickers to go on them, or if you wish you can send me the items and ill print them for you. Likewise if you've got an item of clothing you want personalised again i can do the same above, send me the items and ill print them for you.

With many option of things available i'm sure i can help you with creating your own unique items for the perfect finishing touches to your special celebrations.

Each top comes with a choice of a name or nickname to be put on the back of the top as well. So each can be personalised that way as well. and be kept as a keepsake from the special event.

I really hope this information helps you in making a choice on what sort of matching tops to get for your special event and help you to create memories and give you all a keepsake or 2 to remember the day or evening etc by.

Always remember you're stronger than you believe



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