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Ignite your fingers and toes

You know you want to & I'm going to share with you how......

I absolutely LOVE everything about my business and how I show up in the world for you. I design my days, enjoy my life, and I bring more and more people into my world and my energy through the life, business and high energy mindset work that I do.

And, I am inviting you to join me and lots of other incredible and remarkable human beings to an event that will transform your life and business, work and relationships beyond anything you've thought of before. It truly will be the game-changer for you and supercharge you with the high energy and frequency, stories, friendships made, music, and the empowering and fun environment we have over the 2 full days.

Let me take you back...... in 2012, I saw Jim Rohn on a video inspiring people in the audience. He was on stage and I saw what he was doing and I wanted to do the same. I "parked" the idea for years and then set about making it a reality. 2019 was the first ever IGNITE Live Event in Bath. And the we had the 2023 event in April 2023, which was absolutely phenomenal.

I am delighted to share with you that we are back again in April 2024, and I'm so excited!

You are invited!!!!! YES! you.........

It's an event whereby everyone can attend so you can bring your husband, wife, cousin, neighbour, parents, work colleague etc - there is no limit to who you can bring along with you. (we are allowed only so many people in the room so first come, first served) but one thing to note:

Everyone is treated like a King or Queen in the room

> If you are feeling depleted, upset, down, you've hit a plateau - the IGNITE Live Event is for you.

> If you are feeling wonderful and you want to amplify and scale yourself / your business and boost your confidence and self-esteem even more - then the IGNITE Live Event is for you.

My Empowerment Convention: IGNITE Live Event will really IGNITE your fingers, toes & brain.....

The magic of IGNITE is that it will touch your heart, mind, body and soul and be so inspiring that it'll stay with you when you leave to go home and thensome.

You'll be inspired by the stories that are shared, be up on your feet dancing to the music being played, you'll make new friends and meet up with people you've known on social media for years.

You'll be hugging, laughing, taking selfies, learning so much about yourself and also improving the way you think and feel with your business and job and much more.

The IGNITE Live Event is refreshing and different....

It's all about you and empowering you so much, that you expand, grow, and fast-track yourself in all arena's.

I intend to IGNITE your dreams, desires and goals. To help you to start to heal from stuff that's gone on and also for you to take a peek into the future of yourself and what you can achieve.

What you may have been doing so far might not be working.

What you have been doing so far may not be aligned to you.

That's okay....... we can change all of that for you...

Let the POWER of the Empowerment Convention: IGNITE Live Event become "THE" event you attend in 2024 and let's change your life....

YOU are invited on Fri 5th & Sat 6th April 2024 at the Doubletree Hilton Bath City,UK.

To learn more about HOW my event can really quantum shift everything for you and your desires, dreams and goals and to also see our chosen organisation please visit my website >

We also have The Irish Medium at the event with her Exclusive IGNITE show


We have the "Rubies & Diamonds" themed Gala Dinner with a 3-course meal & Entertainment too.


See our chosen charity organisations that we are giving a % of the profit too.

I'm excited to see you there. We offer pay in full or payment plans so we tailor to everyone. Let's IGNITE your fingers, toes and brain by you saying YES to your heart and going for it!

Expansion of yourself starts with you checking it out first

Have the best day!


Rebecca Adams

Life, Business & Mindset Mastery Mentor

Business Woman, Course Creator

Book Publisher & Entrepreneur

Book Publishing Website:


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