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Storage - Where can i keep my items?

Good morning everyone and welcome to my Midweek Wednesday IT help and advice blog.

Today I'm talking about Where can I store my stuff?

We all now how important it is to keep all our stuff safe and how sometimes we run out of storage on our computers. So today I'm talking about how and where you can store your stuff to when this happens.

There are numerous ways that you can store all your stuff to and I'm going to go through these below.

Ways to store my stuff:

  1. External Hard Drive

  2. Google Drive/Google Photos

  3. Flash Drive

  4. Cd's - Data Disk

  5. YouTube

I'm going to talk through each one below to give you more information and ideas on these particular items.

External Hard Drive:

An external hard drive is a good way of increasing your storage space as you can drag and drop items in and out of it as you need access to it. This is probably one of the best ways of storing your items.

By having an external Hard Drive you can have easy access to all your files, photos and documents as and when you need them. For information on how much you can store please check out my Bit, Bytes, Kilobytes, Megabytes, Gigabyte and Terabytes blog as this will give you more information on sizes of things and what the equivalent amount of items are.

To purchase an external hard drive you can go to lots of different places itself. So you can look at amazon, Argos, eBay, novatech, Tesco's (the big stores) or Curry's/Pc world.

These external hard drive come in lots of different sizes and depending how much information you have will depend on the size I'd suggest to get.

One thing to remember if your getting an external hard drive for a MacBook you need to make sure its compatible with MacBook as not all of them are compatible as the software is different,

Here's some ideal ones to get. Click the link to go to the website to take a look at the Hard Drive I'm suggesting.

These two above are just examples of the ones you can buy and there rough price for a 2TB (2 terabytes) hard drive which would do most people a good long time.

Google Drive/Google Photos:

Google drive is an account that gives you access to all of Googles Services including Drive, Gmail, YouTube, Play store and so on.

You can access the drive through the app on your phone or on Google chrome once you've signed in on the chrome browser (see next weeks blog on browsers)

The google drive can hold up to 15Gb of data for free and you can upgraded this storage for a monthly fee or annual fee depending on what you need.

Built in with this you also have Google photos so you can back up your photos from your android device as well.

With google drive you can also upload documents that you can share a link out for business or family needs as well for a shared document.

Are other similar things out there such as OneDrive, Drobox and Cloud for iPhone.

To sign up for any of these storage apps either download them to your phone through the app store or go direct to the website and sign up for the extra storage.

Flash Drive:

This is basically a USB stick, where you can store information, documents and phots as well but as its a small item it may be easier to loose.

These storage devices generally don't hold as much information and may be good for just a simple presentation, or a documents that you need to take to a different location for work or for family whichever it needs to be.

Like above with the External Hard Drive these can be bought through Amazon, Argos, eBay, Curry's/PC World, and supermarkets generally.

Here's a few links below and images of Flash drives you can buy

As you can see these are not to badly priced and still works the same as in drag and drop files onto the device and remove them the same way, but as they are much smaller in size can be lost easier unless put on keys or a lanyard.


YouTube is one of those things that people look at as a basis to watch and listen to music on. And the channels are only for people who like to stream but its not the case.

You can have a channel and upload big videos and set them to private so they can't be seen by anyone else. But there isn't any charge for this service so it's a good way of keeping your videos safe and saves a lot of space on your computer.

So all you need to do is sign in to YouTube and go to Channel and then click to upload video. Then once its uploaded just follow the screens through and set it to private.

This will keep it safe its there with a link if you need to share it out or use in emails, websites or what ever you need to use.

To finalise:

What ever way you decide to go it is fine but always make sure you back up any of your data, documents and photos as you never know what could happen and when.

So follow the above to gain extra storage and keep your documents safe.

Have an awesome week and I'll be back next week with my next Midweek Wednesday blog.

Always remember you're stronger than you believe



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