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Do You Need A Website? Or Should I Get A Website?

Good morning everyone and welcome to my midweek Wednesday blog. I hope your all well and having a good week.

Today I'm going to be writing about "Websites, Why you need one in Business"

We all know that big business's have their own website so the likes of Dell, Hewlett Packard, Amazon, eBay etc

So we all use Websites either for information or to buy, return or replace things. So you can see just from these big Websites how important it is for these guys to have a website and without it they wouldn't make any sells as no one would be able to contact them. This is just one of many reasons for how Websites are a good thing to have.

Websites - What are they?

They are an internet based system that allows customers, clients, business, friends and family take a look at your business. Your business can be a hobby or a full business just depends on your circumstances.

People use Websites to promote there business, blogs or videos depending on what your using it for.

It can also be described as a set of pages of information on the internet about a particular subject, published by a single person or organisation.

Websites - Why are they important?

Having a website or online presence allows you to market your business online. A Website is also important as it helps to establish credibility as a business.

By having the opportunity to allow your customers to leave reviews and testimonials on your website not only helps with your credibility and reputation but it helps to build trust in your business with other potential customers and clients as well but seeing real life reviews from real customers.

Also using your website you have the scope to represent your customers with their feedback, using images of items you've created for them to help share their businesses too. This just helps with the Marketing and getting yourself out there to be seen,

Websites generally offer a map and directions to the company's head quarters, shops or offices for easy location.

If you have taken a sponsorship deal with another company you can use your website to promote their business as well so its a good way to make relationships with other businesses that may help your customers and clients too.

Websites - Should I Have One?

The quick and simple answer to this is Yes! Especially if your a company that...

  • Sells,

  • Offers Services,

  • Blogger,

  • Vlogger,

  • Podcaster,

  • Takes Bookings,

  • Hire out equipment

This list above can be endless if I was to name all the types of businesses that need a website to help promote and run there business.

For all the reasons above and more. Here's some more reasons why you should have a website:

  1. Publicity

  2. Reviews

  3. Marketing

  4. Selling

  5. Blogging

  6. Contact info

  7. Information and Advice

  8. Getting yourself out there

  9. Want to be International

Again there are many other reasons a Website should or could be used. So if you don't have a website have a think about what more you could do with a website.

Websites - What Things Do I include?

Generally a website layout is down to you and what you want from your website. Here are the main things you would need:


About Us


Contact Us

Legal page

All the above ages are important as they show the customer what you've got to offer, about you the face/s of the business and how to connect with you. Then of course the Legal page with all your policies on, gdpr and returns.

Now if you want more from your website you can add lots of other sections as well. some of these are:






Social Media

In the Media



There are so many more items you can have, it just depends what your business is and what you want to achieve from your Website.

Websites - The Conclusion

So round all this information up, no matter what business you have if you don't have a website already why not find someone to build a website for you.

There are many people out there that offer this service for you. I myself can offer this service just checkout the Web Design part of my website, or check out these 2 images below for the information and options given.

I also offer a PA service charged monthly to help you keep on top of your website and again all information about this service can be found under my PA Work section on the website.

Or if you want to give it a go yourself then go for it, there are hosting people that can give you a full template or help you build a basic website. But there's nothing better than that special touch from yourself or biggest sense of achievement when you see a completed website and think I did that!

Websites can help you in more ways than one and could potentially lead to a whole new client intake as well as expanding on your already built client list.

If you want any more information please do connect with myself and I can help guide you in the right direction or answer any unanswered questions you may have. If you'd like to take advantage of any of these services above then please do purchase them through my website and shop and i will be in touch with you directly to confirm all the details and schedule in the plan to get this done for you.

For the PA Work it will automatically charge you each month when you sign up on the website for that service itself. So you don't have to worry about forgetting payment as this will be taken straight away for you each month, this will continue until you cancel the subscription itself.

Have an amazing week and I'll be back next week with my next Midweek Wednesday Blog.

I really hope this helps anyone who might be sat on the fence regarding whether they need a website or not, who knows how far that one decision can help you grow and expand to take on a website for you business or hobby..

Always remember you're stronger than you believe



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